About Chewathai

Chewathai Public Company Limited (the “Company” or “CHEWA”) was established on 13 March 2008 as a real estate developer. The Company is a joint-venture between Thai holding company, Chartchewa Co., Ltd (“Chartchewa”) owned by the Panichewa family, and Singapore-based holding company TEE development Pte Ltd (“TEED”) which is a subsidiary company of TEE Land Limited (“TEEL”), one of SGX Mainboard real estate listed companies.

Both major shareholders, Chartchewa and TEED expertise in various types of real estate development including property development for residence, commercials and industrial such as industrial estates and construction in both domestic and international countries. Additionally, TEED, TEEL and its related companies, apart from industrial construction, extensively engage in businesses regarding integration system for industrial real estate development including mechanical & electrical engineering, ventilation system, fire protection system or plumbing and sanitary system in buildings for over decades.

Chewathai offers a wide variety of real estate choices ranging from condominiums to houses to home offices to factories. Chewathai is co-founded by SGX listed developer TEE Land Ltd. Tee Land is still a strategic shareholder of Chewathai. Having a Singaporean listed company as its co-founder and strategic shareholder, Chewathai understands the needs of foreign buyers and investors very well.

Business Overview

The company’s main business of property development for residential purposes. By concentrating on development projects for mass-market and middle-class condominium projects. By having projects classified as “High Rise” category and “Low Rise”, the project development company focused on real estate development in the community and has a popular appeal to the masses. This focus is in line with its core business. The projects selected as always conveniently near the highway or along the rail transit stations in the Bangkok metropolitan area, now and in the future. This includes the MRT (Metro), and Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link and City Air Bus Terminal (Airport Rail Link) to meet the needs of residents living in cities with heavy traffic. The Company also focuses on making a better environment for community. Each project is meticulously planned With facilities around the residential areas. To create a new alternative to clients who want to live in a better quality environment with ease of access to attractions and popular areas in the city.

  1. Residential project development The Company has operated its core business as residential real estate development and is specializing in low-rise and high-rise condominiums. The target customers are middle-to-high income level. The Company focuses on developing the project in Bangkok and vicinities with an easy access to several transportation hubs, especially main roads, expressways and mass transit routes that are both under operation and under future construction plans to satisfy urban residents living among crowded and dense traffic. In addition, the Company aims to develop the projects with good community environment and facilities to the target customers.
  1. Ready Built Factories for rent Apart from residential development, the Company also engaged in ready-built factories for rental business together with condominium development since the Company foresees an opportunity from the demand of both Thai and foreign small-to-medium manufacturers to start up or expand their production base without the desire or be readiness for long term investment in factory construction. The Company has developed ready-built factories for rent in one of the major industrial estate in the key economic region of Thailand. In addition, the Company views the potentiality of RBF business to create continuous return generation to compensate the decline in revenue during construction process of condominiums which will take quite long period until CHEWA can recognize the revenue.

Developments by Chewathai in Thailand

Developments by Tee Land in Singapore