Here’s extract of the report:

Knight Frank Thailand reveals the great potential of Bangkok’s latest residential area, ‘Taopoon-Bangson’. ‘Bangsue’ is near Taopoon-Bangson, an area that will become the new central hub for transportation and businesses in Bangkok and Thailand. Bangsue station is set to become the central railway terminal for the two high-speed rail, including the northern line ( to Chiang Mai), the Bangkok-Hua Hin line, the standard double track rail line (Standard Gauge, rail size of 1.435 meters). The Bangkok-Nong Kai line, with 1m tracks, (Meter Gauge) serves as a connection to the Northern Line, North-eastern Line, and Southern Line. Bangsue station will also become the centre of the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS).

Even the state railway is backing it up:

Mr. Phanom added that the State Railway of Thailand is still in the planning process for developing the ground around Bangsue Grand Station.

As a result, condo prices are going up:

Mr. Phanom explained that demand for condominiums in this area is growing well. So far, more than 8,768 units out of 10,878 units (80.6%) have been sold, and there are only 2,110 units left. The sales rate for condominium averages 1,800- 2,000 units sold annually.

Things are going in a very rapid (no pun intended) way and a tight schedule:

Mr. Phanom concluded that the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) Purple Line will be completed and ready for testing by May, and will be opened for service this August. The MRT Blue Line between Bangsue-Taopoon stations will be opened for services this August and will connect the MRT Purple Line and other railway systems.

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